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King Salman wants a ‘Fair’ solution from Donald Trump for the Palestinian Issue


Only some days after the very first, a commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi crossed the Saudi airspace, the president of US Donald Trump, praised UAE for its openness towards the Israel-UAE direct flights. However, Saudi Arabia disagrees with the kingdom when it comes to having a friendlier relationship with Israel.

On a call with Donald Trump, King Salman informed him that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be welcoming this relationship unless Israel signs a peace accord on the Palestinian issue. King Salman believes that a lasting and fair solution needs to be reached, which will be recognized by the Jewish state.

This announcement came only days after the first flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi, which cemented the ties between Israel and UAE under a US-backed deal called the Abraham Accords. Direct flights between Israel and UAE would cut time from taking log detours along the Arabian Peninsula. This recognition by UAE invited praise from the West; however, Saudi wasn’t keen on its development.

Even though Saudi Arabia has denied its support for this relationship outwardly, it has opened its airspace for the same. Trump has been increasingly mending his relationship with the gulf countries since it landed US in a bit of an oil spot earlier this year.

Saudi Arabia, Islam’s holy ground, and the Arab world’s biggest economy have more significant political concerns than the UAE. The acknowledgment of a UAE-Israel deal would mean betraying Palestine and the harm it has procured throughout history. Palestine and Israel have always been at crossroads, and Palestine is currently undergoing a humanitarian crisis with thousands who die of hunger and bombing every single day.

Trump is also urging Saudi to improve its regional relations with Qatar. Riyadh accused Doha of siding with Iran. Even after excessive international pressure, these issues seem relentless and never-ending.








The coronavirus pandemic have a severe effect on the economy world wide. Everybody took the hit of COVID 19 and there is no growth in the GDP of our country. 

But according to the recent reports given by Nilesh Shah, Kotak Mahindra’s Asset Management Company’s Managing Director, there will be progress in the economic growth of the country and the growth will become positive only by March or June quarter of 2021.

The growth will be positive only when the people will turn the economic crisis into new flourishing opportunities and will find ways to turn their weaknesses into strengths.

India got a hard hit due to this pandemic. The GDP declined by 23.9% in June 2020 which made India the worst performers among all the countries of the world.

As far now it looks like the economy will come back to its original pace in two years, but if we take the advantage of the current situations we could most probably turn the GDP growth positive by the June quarter of 2021.

One of achieving the target of positive economic growth is to cut down all the Chinese companies and to make a red carpet for Indian companies so that they can flourish now .Reducing the cost of logistics which made Indian goods and services uncompetitive in the global markets at the first placer is really crucial step towards economic growth.

Also, the cost of power should be cut down as it is becoming expensive for the industries to get electricity.

The most crucial approach that we could take right now is to shift to digital marketing.IT stocks are fairly priced and not over expensive as well as the technology based companies will get an opportunity to flourish if they will shift to digital platform.

We have to look ahead with optimism and high capital flows and low oil prices will add to the steps towards positive Economic growth.


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King Salman wants a ‘Fair’ solution from Donald Trump for the...

Only some days after the very first, a commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi crossed the Saudi airspace, the president of US...


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